Obligatory work space shot


In some form or another my workspace has remained for the most part consistent.  In spite of multiple moves relocations the configuration at the bench is a constant.  If I remember right I read a book on diorama building around 10 years ago and the author had a bench “layout” that he suggested.  I tried it and adjusted it to suit me as I discovered what worked for me, and what stuff I use more.  It evolved as a result of form following function.

The photo captures the space at it’s best (there is even a clean paint rag).  I didn’t consciously set out to make you think I’m not a terrible slob but I had completed a project and had cleared the proverbial table.

Something my space features that most good hobbyists don’t have is a “sideboard of shame”.  On the right hand of the space is a place reserved for sad miniatures that have been neglected either abandoned in mid-paint or resting in a pile of unassembled parts.  I thought that if I could see the stuff I should have worked on I would feel guilty and complete them.  It’s turns out I am hard hearted when it comes to the plight of neglected inanimate objects.

There is a positive purpose for the sideboard though.  I tend to work on series of models (similar themes) before I get bored with them.  Having a space right at the bench to drop loose parts that would be cool to work with is a good thing.  Composing a great miniature/conversion is deliberate but it is also an intuitive and creative process.  Sometimes a random piece sitting on the sideboard will fall into place like the last piece of a puzzle when I am trying to compose a figure.

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A brief introduction and inaugural post

I started this blog with the intent of starting and maintaining a modelling hobby blog.  Oh dear.  Still; Better late than never.  In subsequent posts I hope to share a view into my hobby of modelling and painting miniature figures.

I’m not certain of what this will entail but I would like to include work in progress entries, finished miniatures, and the occasional tutorial if anyone reads this and is interested in how something was done and a host of other things that you would probably be able to locate on most other miniature hobby blogs.

Why should you bother looking at this one you might ask yourself.  Because there is no definitive hobby blog.  This blog is as likely to include some kernal of information or inspiration that has just as much quality as somewhere else.  The beauty of the internet is the ability to exchange and share opinion.  Like all the other bloggers out there I have my mine and maybe it will help you with your own projects or better yet you know a better way of doing something I have done and will be willing to share it with me.

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